Shower Features to Consider for Your Upcoming Remodel

Apr 28, 2020

Shower RemodelYou’ve put a lot of work into planning your upcoming shower remodel: designing a layout, choosing a durable material for the walls, and making sure that the color scheme complements the rest of your bathroom. But how much thought have you put into your shower accessories? Features like upgraded showerheads and inset storage areas can ensure your new walk-in shower perfectly meets your functional needs, turning it into a space that you’ll love using every day.

Consider investing in features like:

High-Performance Showerheads

While the finish and profile of your showerhead should complement the rest of your bathroom décor, don’t underestimate the importance of finding a fixture that offers the ideal spray pattern. Wider showerheads tend to maximize coverage, while smaller fixtures can offer massage-worthy intensity. If your mobility is limited, a handheld shower helps you stay clean without requiring you to constantly move around. And for those who like to sing in the shower? A showerhead with an inset speaker can provide the perfect musical accompaniment to your daily concert.

Storage Space

Between the soap, loofas, body wash, hair styling products, and razors, you’ve accumulated quite a bathing kit over the years. While you could always shove these things into a corner of your new shower, doing so makes your bathroom look cluttered and increases your risk of tripping. During your shower remodel, consider having your contractor install designated storage spaces in your enclosure, like a:

  • Soapdish
  • Corner shelving system
  • Shower caddy

Unlike accessories that you add on to an existing walk-in shower, built-in storage functions more reliably in the long run. It also gives your enclosure a neat, finished look.

Grab Bars, Shaving Stands & Shower Seating

Even for the most mobile and least accident-prone, a slick shower is often a safety hazard. That’s why incorporating balance aids or seating into your shower remodel is a good idea. You can customize grab bars to match the rest of your bathroom hardware, and their stability far exceeds that of the towel racks that many people use to maintain balance. Shaving stands provide you with a steady spot to elevate your foot while you shave, and a seat offers a stable perch where you can clean yourself.

Glass Doors

While a barrier-free, walk-in shower gives any bathroom an air of modern luxury, such a design simply isn’t feasible for every space. Luckily, you can choose to include glass doors in your shower. This attractive feature protects the rest of your bathroom from water without visually closing off your enclosure. Choose from a variety of styles for your shower doors, including:

  • Pivoting
  • Sliding
  • Frameless sliding

If your doors feature visible hardware, you can match the finish and style to that used throughout the rest of your bathroom. This ensures that your entire space looks finished.

If you live in Central or West Florida and want to make sure that your shower remodel meets all of your needs, there’s no better place to turn than Bath Planet of Tampa. Contact us today to learn more about our one-day bathroom remodel services.


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