How to Maintain Your New Bath Planet Bathtub or Shower

Feb 02, 2021

Bath Planet ShowerWhen you invested in a new Bath Planet tub or shower, you made sure to customize your bathing fixture to perfectly suit your style of décor. Now that installation is complete, you may find yourself wondering how to keep your tub or shower looking its best. Lucky for you, the answer is easier than you think!

Bath Planet acrylic bathtubs and showers are easy to maintain, provided you keep the following principles in mind:

Use Non-Abrasive Cleaners

Since acrylic is nonporous, it naturally resists mold, mildew, and bacteria. This makes it simple to keep your new bathtub or shower clean—just use a mild soap and water mixture to wipe your enclosure down. If your bathing fixture has acquired more of a scummy buildup, you can use Dawn dish soap, Formula 409, or a vinegar and water mixture to clean things up. Just make sure to spot test your cleaning mixture first.

Whatever you do, avoid using abrasive chemicals or disinfectants when cleaning your acrylic bathing fixture. Not only will these dull your enclosure, but they can also cause chemical cracks that void your warranty.

Avoid Rough Scouring Pads

When it comes to maintaining your Bath Planet tub or shower, remember that a gentle approach often yields the best results. To that end, put away your rough scouring pads and scrub brushes. Instead, clean your shower using a soft washcloth, and make sure to rinse things off after you’ve finished.

Be Careful With Drain Cleaners

Let’s face it—sometimes drains get clogged. When this happens, we recommend using liquid drain cleaners instead of crystals or powders. Be sure to empty the standing water from your tub, remove the drain plug, and use a funnel to keep the drain cleaner from coming into contact with the acrylic.

Keeping your new tub or shower clean is as simple as that. Want to learn more about the benefits of a Bath Planet tub or shower? Contact Bath Planet of Tampa today!


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