How Long Does a Shower Remodel Take?

Feb 20, 2020

Shower RemodelYou know that your shower needs remodeled. It’s outdated, rough around the edges, and not particularly enjoyable to use. However, the thought of closing down your bathroom for a drawn-out shower remodel gives you pause. You’re unsure how long the process will take, and you don’t necessarily want to lose access to this high-traffic room for weeks on end. And since most bathroom remodelers charge by the hour, the answer to this question also impacts the budget for your project.

So how long does a shower remodel actually take? The answer to that question depends on the type of shower remodel that you pursue, with more involved projects taking longer. We’ve put together a more detailed breakdown below:

Updating the Shower With a Wet Area Remodel

When contractors talk about a “wet area remodel,” they typically refer to a project that only requires replacing bathing fixtures, like a tub or a shower. Since this project has fewer moving pieces than a full-scale remodel, planning an approximate timeline is usually simpler. A wet area shower remodel can take anywhere from a single day to a little over a week, depending on whether you want:

  • New tile shower – With a simple shower and skilled tilers, this project can be completed in three or four days. More complex showers—with shelving, seating, or oddly-shaped walls—usually require a little over a week to tile.
  • Solid stone shower – While the material makes installing stone or stone composite walls a pricy affair, a skilled team of installers can complete most of these projects in two or three days.
  • Acrylic shower – A trained bathroom remodeler can remove your existing shower and install a new acrylic base and wall surrounds in as little as a single day.

Of the three options, installing an acrylic shower requires the least amount of time and provides homeowners with the greatest value for their investment. However, how do these wet area bathroom remodels compare to a full-scale project?

Upgrading the Whole Bathroom With a Full-Scale Remodel

A full-scale bathroom remodel can provide you with a beautiful room, with new bathing fixtures, flooring, vanities, and even a new toilet. However, changes that are this dramatic require time. While the exact timeline of your project depends on its size and scope, most individuals who want to upgrade their entire bathroom with their shower remodel can expect to wait a little over a month to see results.

Of course, this proposed timeline assumes that everything in your bathroom remodel goes according to plan. If you live in an older home and if you haven’t updated the bathroom in quite some time, then your plumbers and electricians may discover pipes and wiring that require attention in order to prevent future problems. When planning your bathroom remodel, you may find it wise to factor in some extra time (and money) for your project.

Which Option Is Right for Me?

Those with a large budget who either have somewhere else to stay or another bathroom to use during their project often gravitate towards a full remodel. Understandably, the thought of enjoying a beautiful bathroom retreat entices many. However, a wet area shower remodel can provide your room with a facelift and give you access to a functional bathing enclosure without the headache of a long project. These types of shower remodels offer homeowners the greatest value overall, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to refresh their space and avoid a drawn-out renovation.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area and would like to learn more about a one-day shower remodel, there’s no better company to partner with than Bath Planet of Tampa. Contact us today to learn more.


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