The Benefits of One-Day Bathroom Remodeling

Dec 07, 2020

Benefits of One-Day Bathroom RemodelingWhen was the last time you thought of your bathroom as a stylish oasis you could retreat to at the end of a long day? If you can’t remember—or if your bathroom has never served as anything other than a dull, utilitarian space—then it may be time for a bathroom remodel. But these projects take time, and often require a hefty investment. So, why not opt for a one-day bathroom remodeling project instead?

One-day bathroom remodels have become increasingly popular in recent years. During one of these projects, a skilled contractor will replace the most visible aspect of your room: the bathing fixture. While this could look like a bathtub or shower replacement, it might also involve converting a cramped tub you never use into a spacious walk-in shower you can enjoy on a daily basis. But aside from improving the functionality of your bathroom, a one-day remodel comes with a variety of benefits that include:

Not Losing Access to Your Bathroom

Let’s face it—your bathroom probably gets more traffic than any other space in your house. This makes closing it down for weeks on end unattractive, to say the least. Unfortunately, this is precisely what a traditional bathroom remodel requires. For most homeowners, that means having the entire household share an out-of-the-way hall bath during this time—hardly an ideal arrangement.

A one-day bathroom remodel, on the other hand, provides you with a completely updated bathing space in less than 24 hours. Clear out your bathing kit the night before, keep out of the way while your technicians remove your old bathing fixture, let them install a new, custom fitted shower or tub, and that’s it. Most of the time, you even can use your updated bathing space as soon as everyone leaves.

Enjoying a Lower Price Point

Did you know that the most expensive part of any bathroom remodel is the labor? That’s right—designer tubs and jaw-dropping showers usually wind up costing less than the time it takes a contractor to install them. It makes sense. Intricate tiled surrounds take a great deal of patience and precision to create, and reworking plumbing—though less glamourous—requires a certain expertise to avoid costly disasters down the road. Unfortunately, this means that a time-consuming bathroom remodel will ultimately cost much more than the materials used to complete it.

When you opt for a one-day bathroom remodel, on the other hand, you get to keep labor costs to a minimum. In fact, most one-day bathroom remodelers will promise an accurate quote at the beginning of the project. This saves you from any expensive surprises as your project draws on.

Transforming the Look of Your Space

Odds are, you’ve seen your fair share of frightening bathrooms on home improvement shows. These are the kinds of spaces that interior designers love to play around in—they require so much work that a team winds up rebuilding the room from scratch. But in truth, your bathroom probably doesn’t require quite as much work in order to reach its potential. Oftentimes, replacing the most visible element of your space—the tub or the shower—will breathe fresh life into your room. This is especially true if you opt for an upgrade like a barrier-free walk-in shower, which extends the visual square footage of your bathroom to make it seem airier and more spacious.

Does a one-day bathroom remodel sound like a project you could get behind? Lucky for you, Bath Planet of Tampa offers homeowners best-in-class products and service! Contact us today to get started.


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The quality of the glass shower was way above expectations. I had never seen a shower this good or well made. It has a barn door principle. We love our new bathroom. They did everything. We bought tiles and a new vanity which they installed. We really loved that and they did a wonderful job.
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