Is a Bath Remodel Worth the Investment?

Jul 27, 2020

Bath RemodelWhen was the last time you took stock of the state of your bathroom? Are you eager to show off its gleaming appearance, or would you consider it more of an eyesore that you’d rather not think about? If the latter scenario sounds more familiar, then it may be time to invest in a bathroom remodel. Before embarking on one of these projects, however, you may find yourself asking whether or not bathroom remodeling is worth the investment.

While the precise answer to that question depends on the bathroom remodelers you choose to partner with and the scale of your project, you’ll be happy to learn that most homeowners report being satisfied with their bathroom upgrades. Here’s why:

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Oftentimes, determining the worth of a bathroom remodel depends on the scope of the project. After all, the type of bathroom upgrades you invest in will determine how you use your space in the future. Different bathroom remodeling projects also provide varying returns on investment (ROI) should you eventually decide to put your home on the market. Consider carefully whether you want to invest in a:

Wet Area Bathroom Remodel

During a wet area bathroom remodel, your contractor will usually update your bathing fixtures. In addition to giving the most prominent element in your room an attractive appearance, these kinds of bathroom remodeling projects can also transform the accessibility of your bathing space. Performing a tub-to-shower conversion, installing a walk-in tub, or upgrading to a low-threshold shower all count as wet area bathroom remodeling projects.

Most homeowners find wet area bathroom remodels worth the investment since they can be performed for a fraction of the price as a full-scale remodel. Additionally, since a wet area bathroom remodeler prioritizes one of the most-used features of a bathroom, homeowners find that these targeted upgrades offer dramatic improvements when it comes to their daily bathing experience.

One-Day Bathroom Remodel

When a bathroom remodeler can complete your wet area upgrade quickly, the project is often classified as a one-day bathroom remodel. During one of these projects, a highly experienced remodeling crew will remove your dysfunctional or outdated bathing enclosure and replace it with a stylish tub or shower. Oftentimes, you can customize the appearance of this new bathing enclosure to your heart’s content.

One-day bathroom remodeling projects possess a well-deserved reputation for offering homeowners the most for the least. Not only do they offer a more affordable alternative to a full-scale bathroom remodel, but they also come with the tantalizing promise of speed. When you choose to pursue a one-day bathroom remodel, you won’t have to worry about closing down this high-traffic area for weeks on end.

Full-Scale Bathroom Remodel

During a full-scale bathroom remodel, your contractor will usually strip your room down to its studs and build it up again as a completely redesigned space. This allows you to change the layout of your room and adjust the size or configuration of your bathing fixtures. It also leaves you with a completely new space, which is what makes these bathroom remodeling projects so enticing.

While a full-scale bathroom remodel certainly has potential, the project’s true value is largely contingent on the current state of your bathroom and your patience for drawn-out remodeling endeavors. A severely outdated or damaged bathroom will likely benefit from a full remodel, but ultimately, most homeowners find that the headache and price tag of undergoing a lengthy project just doesn’t equal the payoff. That’s why wet area remodels or one-day bathroom remodels tend to be far more popular projects on the whole.

Cashing In On Resale Value

While the worth of most bathroom remodeling projects can be determined by how likely you are to enjoy using the space afterward, it’s also worth considering the ROI of your remodel. Experienced bathroom remodelers are quick to point out that these projects almost always improve a home’s resale value, especially in more urban areas. After your project, you can expect to recoup anywhere from 55% to 68% of your investment should you decide to sell your home. Interestingly, wet area or one-day bathroom remodels consistently offer the highest recoup rates.

Of course, if you want to ensure your project is worth it, then you should partner with a contractor you can trust. Contact Bath Planet of Tampa today to learn more about the bathroom remodeling services we offer Florida homeowners.


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